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Personal Computer Repair & Services

LUCKY SURVIVOR PERSONAL COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES, a legally registered company located at G/F Unit 112 T&S Bldg. Mc. Arthur Highway Urdaneta City, Pangasinan.

LUCKY SURVIVOR PERSONAL COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES was developed by group of people with their specialties on their professions in Information Technology.

LUCKY SURVIVOR PERSONAL COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES has engaged in sales and services year 2013.

Our Company offers; Computer Desktop Repair, Laptop Repair, Printer Repair and Convert to CISS, Installation of Software, CCTV Installation, WEBSITE Development, Wireless and LAN networking, PABX Installation.

Other services offered; Tarpaulin Printing, Panaflex Printing, Fabrication of Signage, Installation of Signage and other Printing Services.

We also sell Computer Desktop, Laptop, CCTV Cameras, DVR Stand Alone, Printer, Projector, any computer equipment, computer parts and peripherals and more.

The Management Team’s philosophy is creating awareness on the latest advancements in Information Technology and making them available to the public.


To be one of the fastest growing retail stores, offers a diverse range of genuine and high quality IT products at a reasonable price, coupled with customer satisfaction through good service, it has been ingrained in people’s mind that for any computer or IT gadgets need, “LUCKY SURVIVOR PERSONAL COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES is the best place to be. “


1. To be the most service oriented company in the business.
2. To provide every type of computer hardware available in the IT Market.
3. It also aims to be the provider of good services and solutions to any computer or IT problems in the region for Small and Medium Scale Enterprises.
4. To lead employees on how to work as part of a team, to use time better and learn useful skills such as marketing, management, accounting, and care & maintenance of equipment.
5. To give a customer satisfaction by means of providing the availability of stocks and rendering of quality service.

LUCKY SURVIVOR COMPUTER REPAIR AND SERVICES value is the ULTIMATE EXPERIENCE we deliver to our customers. The product and quality of service, the management, staff and employees and the maximum treatment is equivalent to the price they pay. LUCKY SURVIVOR COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES is known for being service oriented. We, at LUCKY SURVIVOR COMPUTER REPAIR & SERVICES, pride ourselves in being known for being one of the most service oriented company in the business.